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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Exploitation of our Women and Children

We, as you know are in the child abuse investigation, advocacy and support business. Most of what we see are cases of child sexual abuse. That said we see another level of abuse every day aimed at our female children and women in our society.

About two years ago I was invited to the Arkansas Premier release of “MissRepresentation”. A very high impact well researched documentary of how after WWII the government convinced the media to get women out of the workforce and back into the home.

Over the years this has expanded into a multi-billion dollar market of exploitation aimed at women and female children. The damage done every day to the self-image has impacted every female in America and in most if not all of the free world.

When it comes to children… our daughters… it has created epidemic levels of depression, severe anxiety, eating disorders and in our opinion has had an negative impact on the teen pregnancy rate with America leading the way. Not in a good way… we are a total failure.

Here is a link to a trailer to the video. It can be viewed on You Tube and Netflix in full length.  We strongly urge you to watch it. Click Here

Why this post and why today.  Just this week we received another behind the scenes of exploitation and deception being played on women and girls. Watch it here.  Click Here

Please help us and our Public Policy Center bring an end to wanton exploitation of our children.  Join us on Facebook at   Click Here .

Thank you

Monday, November 18, 2013

Here we are again

Here we are again after a five year break. Tried Constant Contact with medium success and finally Facebook and Twitter.

Just sent out a test mailing with CC and was not impressed with the response vs the costs.  Soooo we are planning to send out about three more to let everyone know where we are on social media and right here. Our much neglected Blog.

We'll test this one as well.

By the way we ar doing a lot with video. Here is a recent PSA (Public Service Announcement) as part of our "Teen Pregnancy Prevention" project. Had a blast working with the kids who "really" did the video. We'll add more videos later.

Hope you'll let us know who you are and if you think you'll continue to use out Blog.

Contact us  Thanks.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Wishes

Over the past year we have watched in sadness the growing numbers of children move from a life of concern to desperation. Poverty seems to be the fastest growing sector of America with little hope in sight.

The election rhetoric did little more than raise awareness, but maybe that was all that was needed. I wonder … did you hear it? Both candidates and all those I heard on the local level declared what a mess we’re in economically. Well the elections are over, save for a couple of recounts and the mess continues.

Wait for January is what I hear, but what I see are countless children…American children … who can’t wait for January. When do you plan to eat again? Bet it is before January. Will you have warm clothes before January? Will you sleep in a warm space before January? Many won’t.

The good news is you can help. You don’t know any of those children? Short on time to volunteer? We do. We know many of them. That is why our charity exists. We and other charities like us are the pipeline, the hand that bridges the space between you and those in need.

As this holiday season rapidly approaches we are asking you to help us to help them. Even if you can only afford ten dollars it will make a difference. Please this season is special. Special for you if you have a little extra and special for many who don’t have enough. With no salaried employees or officers we feel we operate efficiently and effectively insuring your wish of helping comes true.

Just last week a mother need diapers and our local police chief came by, picked some up and delivered them to her. Working together to help. What we all need to do. Without a generous donor last week that baby would not have clean diapers today.

You can make a difference right now. Click here and make a donation of $10.00; $25.00 $50.00 or more to help a child today. Because it is the right thing to do.

On behalf of the children – Thank you.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Working Together

Awhile back we wrote about the economy falling apart and how it was having a negative impact on our families and children at the edge of poverty. Since then we have seen even more decline in the economy, higher gas prices, increased food costs and more homes going on the auction block after repossession.

Today we saw one of the largest declines in the history of the stock market. One report by the Governor of New York said that as many as 30,000 jobs could be going away on Wall Street. These are not $10.00 per hour jobs. These folks make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

The bottom line? Our business of helping poor women, children and families and especially victims of child abuse is one of the few businesses that are still growing. We are sad to say it, but we do not see any end in sight and frankly we need your help.

We can not imagine not being able to provide a child friendly facility, a team of professionals from social services to medical professionals to trained child abuse investigators to take care of these innocent victims. As you might imagine many of the wonderful people who were able to help us in the past are now finding themselves in difficult times and can’t continue. So here we are an increasing need with more and more children and declining resources to help.

Last week, like an angel from heaven, our local hospital, St. John’s of Berryville, their Foundation and the Sisters of Mercy decided to reach out and make a difference by sponsoring seven of our children. We are so deeply grateful for their thoughtfulness and compassion. Their example of joining in the effort even when so many small community hospitals are also suffering from the weak economy and rising costs speaks to all of us.

I’ve included St. John’s Hospital’s press release because they say it better than we could. Working together to make life better for abused children. If you would like to join St. John’s in helping click here to go to our secure on-line donation site.

Thank You


SEP 15, 2008


St. John’s Foundation – Berryville presented a $2,520 check to The Merlin Foundation, a nonprofit charity providing assistance to victims of child abuse, rape, and domestic violence in the Ozark Mountain region of Northwest Arkansas. The donation was provided by the Sisters of Mercy who are part of the Regional Community of St. Louis – a group of Sisters who engage in a variety of ministries that serve women, children, the poor and the uneducated. The funding will allow St. John’s Foundation – Berryville to sponsor seven local children.

“As our economy has deteriorated, the needs have increased dramatically, and unfortunately, our donors are having difficulties too. This is the time we must all pull together and partner to improve Carroll County,” said Dr. Merlin Leach, Executive Director for The Merlin Foundation.

“We applaud the many good works Merlin and the Foundation have done to assist women and children in this community; and as part of our mission, we are grateful to be supporting this program,” said Kristy Noble, St. John’s Hospital – Berryville President.

The Merlin Foundation is dedicated to providing health, education, social services, advocacy and lobbying on behalf of children, women and families, to make tomorrow better than today for future generations.

“The Merlin Foundation is a vital asset to Carroll County. St. John’s Foundation – Berryville is pleased to partner in the outreach efforts of the Merlin Foundation which has, and continues to, assist women and children across Northwest Arkansas,” explained Nicole Hoppel, St. John’s Foundation – Berryville Executive Director.

About St. John’s Foundation – Berryville
St. John’s Foundation – Berryville manages the fundraising activities of St. John's Hospital-Berryville with a goal of enhancing health services to the Region. Currently, St. John’s Foundation-Berryville supports health care scholarships, new technology and capital needs for St. John’s Hospital-Berryville. In addition, the foundation has the responsibility for planned giving and other areas of support for the hospital.